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The topic for discussion last night at our monthly Wordsowers meeting: Why Attend a Writers Conference and What We Learned When We Did Attend
Merrie shared about “Called to Write,” held in Pittsburg, Kansas, and “Write His Answers,” held in Colorado.
Lee talked about his experience at ACFW held in Texas and CLASS held in New Mexico.
Jon, Angela, Teresa and Kat shared insight from their experience at HACWN in Overland Park, Kansas.
Why do we feel it’s important to attend a Christian writer’s conference?
– Relationships. You build a rapport with editors, publishers, directors of the conference and other writers.
– You gain knowledge from the workshops you attend.
– You fellowship with Christians, make new friendships and find that other authors face the same problems you do and you broaden your network.
How do you know which conference is right for you?
– Conferences have a different focus. Do your homework. Ask questions of those that have attended the conference previously.
– Finances and location tend to dictate, but every conference has something to offer.
– If a conference is out of your budget, begin to pray, save your money and ask for a scholarship.
I’m sure others of those in attendance heard more, but in my opinion, these are the highlights.
More news: “Happy Birthday Angela” (She chose to celebrate her birthday with Wordsowers.)
Teresa is now the devotional columnist for Glory and Strength
Merrie talked about building her website and what she’d learned this last week. Look forward to seeing your work, Merrie.
Looking forward: Next month Angela is sharing materials from “The First 50 Pages” by Jeff Gerke. Everyone is invited to share your writing news to the next meeting.
Meeting attended by Lee, Jon, Daniel, Bill, Merrie, Kat, Teresa, Angela and Susan.
(Welcome, Susan. Nice to have you join us. Bill, we are glad you located our new meeting place. Good to have you return.)
Have a great month, Kat

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