8/4/11: First Garden Cafe Meeting!

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Our first meeting at the new location went well.  Merrie and I both had the same idea and came early to eat supper before the meeting – both our salads were yummy!  The Garden Cafe primarily serves the breakfast/lunch crowd so they are glad to add our party to their thin evening crowd.  We had a  huge party room all to ourselves and the service was terrific.  If you are on a diet, cover your eyes when you walk in – I wasn’t the only one who found the goodie bar at the front door irresistable!

Publishing News:  Susan Gontarek is publishing her book, “Finding Grace in the Mirror,” through Terry Whalin and Intermedia Publishing.  Traditional publishers want authors who already have a platform, so Susan is taking the self publishing route to help develop a speaking platform.

Susan shared a copy of her book cover as well as what she has learned about self-publishing in the process.  Her book will be available through Amazon.com in both E-reader and hard-copy formats.  Intermedia Publishing’s $4,000 fee includes
formatting for 16 different E-readers as well as the printed book.  They will stock whatever books Susan purchases in advance and ship them to Amazon when individual books are ordered.  Susan had been given advice to focus on the percentage she receives for Ebooks, as well as to include phrasing that refers to “any other media, yet to be developed.”  Her contract is a 30/70 split with Amazon for all E-books sold.  Next up: Final edits and marketing.  Susan is focusing on finding “influencers” who will read her book and post reviews on the web.

Angela Meyer is submitting a story to a children’s writing contest this month.
Merrie Hansen submitted devotionals to The Upper Room and The Secret Place
Pat Mingarelli is working on an article for Creation Illustrated.

We did find time to discuss Chapter 19 (Humor) in “On Writing Well.”   Author William Zinsser sees it as “the secret weapon of the nonfiction writer.”  He describes parody as the “heightening of some crazy truth – to a level where it will be seen as crazy.”  This chapter had a lot of interesting examples that are worth your time to read.

We did not get to Chapter 20 and so next meeting we will focus on Chapter 20 (The Sound of Your Voice) and 21 (Enjoyment, Fear and Confidence).

Member News:  As if life isn’t busy enough with book publishing, Susan Gontarek shared that this is her last meeting, at least for the foreseeable future.  She is MOVING to Montana to be closer to extended family.  Susan we wish you all the best with both of these milestone events in your life!

Happy Birthday to Pat Mingarelli – he spilled the beans as we left that he had birthday cake waiting at home!

AttendingMerrie, Angela and her daughter, Elizabeth, Pat, Susan, and myself.
Next Meeting:  Thursday, September 1st at Garden Cafe (108th & Center)

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