Are You a Sesquipedalian

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“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything,
by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.”
Philippians 4:6 (NIV)
A foot long word lover!
A few weeks back I read a post where Cec Murphey said, “When we try to correct sloppy writing we don’t have to become sesquipedalians (look it up). Say it in direct, easy-to-understand words. If we do, we communicate. Get it? We actually communicate with readers and they understand what we mean.”
I looked up Sesquipedalians. It means “given to using long words.” The Latin sesquipedalis means measuring a foot and a half.
In some of my first writing I used the Thesaurus to find extraordinary words. It didn’t take me long to understand that a foot and a half word stopped the reader mid-sentence and editors didn’t appreciate my efforts, either.
Scripture is written for the average reader to understand. Jesus said, “Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” John 14:1 is simple and direct.
PRAYER: Lord, you know writers struggle to find ways to keep readers reading. Help us to ask for your guidance and not be afraid when we submit an article. Amen


Kat Crawford

Kat Crawford

Katherine J. Crawford, author of Capsules of Hope: Survival Guide for Caregivers, is published in sixteen compilations and numerous articles. Known as the Lionhearted Kat, she resides in Omaha, Nebraska. Visit Kat’s website her journal through breast cancer and the loss of her husband: www.caringgiver/visit/org.
Kat Crawford

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