Feb. 2018. Lee Warren w. “Top Ways to Irritate Your Editor”

Lee Warren, author photo
With twenty years in the publishing industry, editor and author Lee Warren shares his unique insights into the dos and don'ts when working with an editor. Lee published traditionally before choosing to become an indie author. He has edited for book publishers, newspapers and websites/blogs. In this workshop, you’ll glean information that will enhance your publishing knowledge and strengthen your...
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Jan. 2018. Writer, What do YOU Need to Succeed?

Often we go to meetings hoping to glean knowledge, to gain tangible help to propel us along. Sometime we find those insightful nuggets; sometimes we come up empty. That's why this 2018 kick-off meeting is all about you. What do you need to propel your writing forward? This meeting is an open forum. We plan to invite the rest of 2018's monthly speakers based on the needs presented at the Janu...
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When Writing Brings Healing

Fresh Starts Second Chances Today we welcome guest Michelle Greenwood as she shares about how writing aided her healing from life's falls.  I thought my relationship with God was great.  I volunteered at church. If the doors opened, I was there.  The truth is I became proud, thinking myself better than everyone else because of all the work I did.  I know Christianity doesn’t work that way, but...
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WS Meetings and Holiday Greetings

Our 2017 Wordsowers Leadership Team: Jeanie Jacobson, Kat Crawford, Pebbles Jacobo, Teresa Tierney
What? No Wordsowers monthly meetings in November OR December? During the busy holiday season we break from our normal monthly meetings. We pray our members will enjoy family and friends, and take time to reflect on Jesus, the true reason we're celebrating. Our meetings resume Thursday January 25, 2018. Get ready for a great year of learning, growing, and fellowship! Please join us at 6:00...
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October 2017, Pebbles Jacobo with Hands-On Computer Help

Pebbls Jacobo, A& P Virtual Enterprises Owner
Thursday October 26 6:00-7:45 pm 9101 W. Dodge Rd. Omaha, NE Pebbles Jacobo, owner of A&P Virtual Enterprises hosts an evening of hands-on computer help, with a focus on Microsoft software. Whether you're a novice or expert, this evening is designed to help you blast past your roadblocks. Learn tips and tricks to make your computer time more productive. Please bring your laptops to the...
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September 2017. Jennifer Slattery w. “Developing a Mind for Success”

Successful people think differently than unsuccessful people do, and as followers of Christ, we must do all we can to partner with God and develop a mind of success. Our thoughts influence our actions and our actions produce results, positive or negative. Using the life of one of the most unexpected "obscurity to celebrity" the world of sports has seen as an example, Jennifer Slattery discusses...
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August 2017. Q&A with editor/author Ginger Kolbaba via Skype

Ginger Kolbaba, award winning author/editor
PLEASE NOTE: To facilitate better Skype reception and viewing, our August meeting will be held at the South Omaha Library, Meeting room A. 2808 "Q" St. Omaha, NE 68107 Thursday Aug 24th 6:00-7:45pm The library is on the Metro Tech campus. Ginger Kolbaba is an award-winning author, editor, and speaker. She is the former editor of Today’s Christian Woman magazine, Marriage Partnership magazi...
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5 Simple Ways to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

5 Simple Ways to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy by Paula Zwenger Ever felt paralyzed by the next step – judging it too far out on a limb? Or sat immobile, convinced no one else has ever faced what you’re facing? A part of you knows these thoughts are irrational. Still negativity holds sway. Welcome to the world of neophyte writers. Desire burns to spill to paper a story trapped inside. Yet ...
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July 2017. “Blogs, Websites, Marketing and Other Things I’d Rather Not Do”

Author Miranda Sherman
Author and speaker Miranda Sherman says, "Writing a book is all fun and games but what you do after is key. Learn what's important in marketing yourself and your book after it's in print. Miranda Sherman is the author of two books, "The Mighty Fork; Healing Your Mind and Body with Food" (now in its 2nd edition) and "The Mighty Fork Student Workbook." Miranda is a popular speaker, teaches classe...
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First Steps on the “Want to be a Writer” Journey

~ ~ ~ Our guest today is Paula S. Zwenger. Paula  is a wife, mother, and grandmother who, upon finding herself an empty nester, tried on the hat of rhyme loving writer. It fitted very well. Her joy manifests completely while taking the ups and downs of life and wrangling them into poetry. She has a passion for creating rhymed treasure hunts with a Catholic flare to celebrate the faith and l...
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