Christmas Story One

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The handsome man of Humperdink valley walked along the melodious path. He suddenly slipped and fell on his face. The world went black and he lost all sense of the world around him. When he came to, he was lying under a tree next to a river in a valley he had never seen before. Nearby, a group of creatures huddled together making a strange clucking noise. He cleared his throat and they all turned and gathered around him. Covered in feather, the creatures reminded him of banty hens laying a bunch of eggs, but then he realized they were all male so they couldn’t lay eggs.
The handsome man sat up, feeling dizzy. He regurgitated all over the feathered creatures and then lay down with a plop! The clucking increased ferociously, as the creatures jumped away from his sprawled body.
“What is happening to me?” he wondered. Then the roaring noise behind him made him motionless. The last thing the man saw was a golden mane. You see, dear reader, lions get very hungry around noonish, and our hero was too weak to run. But worry not, the small tribe of Africans went on to win the Olympics in the 100meter.
The End

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