Christmas Story Two

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“There’s a helicopter landing in your west 40.” I held the phone away from my ear in confusion. Uncle John said he’d be stopping by today but he didn’t say anything about a helicopter. Then again things often didn’t get said when you worked as a freelance network agent. Uncle John had a penchant for keeping me on my toes. I turned the keys and the engine roared to life.
A half hour later I saw a car in my rear view mirror. The same car had been following me or twenty minutes. I shifted into fourth and floored the gas peddle. I had to get to Uncle John before they caught up with me and found the suitcase John told me to bring. For all I knew it had the secrets of the universe in it. Realization dawned.
Then I opened the suitcase because I couldn’t stand the suspense. Out popped Charlie Brown with a stick of a tree. “I’m the new wet works agent. Uncle John sent me to bring you this perfect tree. “
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