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Three cheers for you. You’ve decided to come to the Wordsowers conference here in Omaha.
Perhaps this is your first conference and you’re wondering, “What do I do now?”
We’re glad you asked! Here is a friendly reminder-checklist for you. We don’t want you to forget anything. We’ll also be posting about many of these things individually. Stay tuned!
v  Register.
v  Invite a friend. It’s always more fun when shared. But don’t worry if no one is able to join you. You’ll make lots of new friends here.
v  Write. Write. Write. Pull out that manuscript you want to find a publisher for. Get a critique team and polish that piece till it’s better than you thought possible.
v  Prepare your One Sheet. Your one page pitch you’ll give to your editor or publisher when you meet with them.
v  Research editors/publishers who will be attending and skyping. Decide ahead of time who would be the best fit to represent or publish your manuscript. Tailor your pitch for them.
v  Order your business cards! Make sure you bring plenty! At Vista Print you can get basic cards for only $10. Don’t wait till the last minute. This, by far, beats exchanging handwritten information. And it is professional. (Hints: Put your picture on it. Make it easier for people to remember you. Use a professional picture.)
v  Examine your goals for coming. Is it to find a publisher? To make new writing friends. Education? If you are aware of your expectations, it will facilitate you reaching your goals as well as guard against frustrations and stress.

v  Prepare your heart: Pray. Breathe. Relax. Anticipate good things happening April 24-25, 2015 in Omaha, NE.

Have you attended a writers conference before? 
Do you yhave a piece of advice for those who haven’t?
Is this your first writers conference? Do you have any concerns or questions?

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