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February 6 

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You are a writer. Someday, you want to see your book in print. Whether through a traditional publisher or as an Indie author.
That leaves you with this: you need an audience. Maybe not today, but when you finally launch your book, you want people ready to read it.
Okay, so you’re convinced. You need to delve into this thing called building a platform. Yikes!
Granted, the thought of building a platform can be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you’re doing it on your own. Maybe a few volunteers along the way. But pretty much—just you.
During our live panel discussion we’ll do our best to encourage you and provide tips for starting your website and/or blog.  If you have a question you would like for us to address, please leave a comment on the events page (click here). We’ll answer it as time allows on the HOA or in a future post.
Our panel:
Tamara Clymer brings to the table the perspective of what a publisher is looking for when it comes to an author’s platform.
Tamara is a journalist, freelance writer and speaker. Born and raised in the Midwest, she earned a journalism degree from Kansas State University. After working for 15 years in the television and newspaper industry, she felt it was time to use her writing skills to glorify God. In 2010, she founded CrossRiver Media Group — a Christian publishing company.
Lee Warrren brings to the table the perspective of what it takes to have a successful blogging presence.
Lee blogs for the SB Nation (a collection of 309 sports blogs) website, on a blog called Minor League Ball. He covers the Pacific Coast League, the College World Series, and the Omaha Storm Chasers. This blog has led to several opportunities, including being interviewed on an ESPN radio station in Kansas City to talk about the Storm Chasers. Here’s a link to his work there: He also blogs on his own website at
In the past, he has blogged for Yahoo Sports! where his work has more than a half a million page views, ( He has also blogged at CBN, where he co-wrote a blog called Single Purpose, ( Lee has also blogged on several of his own personal blogs he has discontinued for various reasons.

Jeannie Jacobson brings to the table the perspective of many beginners. “How do I do this?” She will share her experience in taking those first steps and hopefully encourage you to do the same.

Jeannie is an unpublished author just getting started on building her platform. She is determined to have an audience when her book is ready to read. She is currently building her online presence at
Angela D. Meyer brings to the table the perspective of an in-process platform that is just starting to get traction.
Angela is the author of Where Hope Starts and is only 2 years into this platform building experience. She is currently building her platform and making connections several places in the social media world. You can find her website at
Be sure and leave your questions for us in the comment section below. See you Thursday!

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