Honoring Authority

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Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority.
Hebrews 13:17a NIV
“School is the most important mission field for teenagers,” explained my youth leader. “You’re missing a great opportunity if you’re not evangelizing in your school.
I raised my hand, but my friend Solomon had his up already.
“Yes, Sully.”
“What would you suggest to us homeschoolers?” asked Solomon with a half-smile. “I mean, all my classmates are already saved.”
A few students chuckled at Solomon’s observation, but the homeschoolers in the room sat attentively.  
“Well, Sully, think about it,” replied our leader. “Jesus tells us to make disciples of all nations, but how can you do that by staying at home and going to church?”
How dare he imply we do nothing else? He knows nothing about us!
I resolved to confront him after youth group just to let him know he was wrong.    However, all I could think about during prayer time were Bible phrases like “respect your elders” and “submit to authority.” The Holy Spirit was telling me it wasn’t my place to correct my leader.
Though no one brought it up again, somehow I feel the issue was resolved. Maybe I misunderstood the leaders comment, but the other explanation is that the Holy Spirit changed his mind—just like he changed mine.
Prayer:   Dear Father, I trust in Your supreme leadership above all. Help me to trust my leaders and to follow Christ’s example by walking in honor and love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

 Bio:     Daniel Segura is a freshman in college who has a passion for Jesus, music, and writing. A new member of Wordsowers, he has broadened his writing this past year and has even combined all his passions by writing songs about Jesus.

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