Interview with Angela D. Meyer: Foundations for a Great Author Platform

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On September 11, 2014 Angela D. Meyer will present Foundations for a Great Author Platform, a workshop for the WordSowers Christian Writers at the Bookworm at 89th and Pacific. Time: 6 to 8:45. 

Angela has been a member of WordSowers Christian Writers in Omaha since

Angela D Meyer 

2005. To work alongside Angela is exciting. She’s a constant learner about platform building and social media. Her gift to others is sharing all she learned—not once, but over and over until they grasp what she knows. She’s a published author and an avid teacher. You won’t want to miss a hands on your keyboard night with Angela*Suggestion: Bring your laptop

Lionhearted Kat: New writers might not understand the concept of platform building. Why is it important for a writer to know the term and how to become involved in building one for one self?
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Angela: Michael Hyat says, “Very simply, a platform is the thing you have to stand on to get heard. It’s your stage.”  Everyone is trying to be heard and unless you have a platform, something to make your message stand out, your message will probably get lost in the noise.

Lionhearted Kat : How much time did you spend building your platform—two months, six months, a year?
Angela: I’m still building it. I don’t think an author can ever stop working on their platform if they want to get their message out. As the audience and online opportunities grow and change, an author has to be flexible enough to change with it. I do feel like I’ve gotten to a place where I have a good foundation and I’m starting to gain traction. That part of the process has taken over two years.
Lionhearted Kat: What is branding and how do I brand myself?  

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