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Sherri will skype from Colorado

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Sherri Langton, an Associate Editor for Bible Advocate and Now What? Meets new writers and gives workshop at many conferences. I’ve talked with her at the Oregon Christian Writers Conferences, Heart of America Christian Writers Conferences, and this year she will skype into our spring conference. She’s a woman of God who faced, fought and survived cancer.

Lionhearted Kat: You have been with Bible Advocate for 24 years or so—why did you start there and why did you stay?

Sherri: I started at the Bible Advocate in July 1989, after being laid off a job at a bank and being out of work for seven months. I knew I didn’t want to go back into banking; I had a degree in English and loved writing. So I looked for jobs in communication and the like. I found the Bible Advocate in a reference book at the library, sent in my résumé, and landed a job as editorial assistant. The story is wonderful of how God brought me to this office, but it’s long! I will just say that God definitely brought me to this organization. I am now associate editor. The Church of God (Seventh Day), which publishes the magazine, has been very good to me!

Lionhearted Kat:  I think I first met you at OCWC conference in Oregon about 2002. Several times we’ve been at HACWN together. What do you find is the biggest blessing from attending a writer’s conference? 

Sherri: I think meeting one-on one with writers and helping them with their writing. I also like teaching and guiding writers to improve their work.

Lionhearted Kat: You are an Associate Editor. Do you ever write stories or have you written a book?

Sherri: I have never written a book, and frankly, I’m not a book writer. I love writing articles and personal experience stories, however. I’ve been published in over 40 Christian publications, including Decision, In Touch, Focus on the Family,and many others. I’ve also had stories published in two Chicken Soup volumes and other book compilations.

Lionhearted Kat: Give us three “good to know facts” about Bible Advocate. 

Sherri: The Bible Advocate is one of the oldest Christian magazines in the country. It celebrated 150 years of print on August 10, 2013. Though it’s a denominational magazine, a large percentage of the readers are not members of the Church of God.

Personal Questions

Lionhearted Kat: You were diagnosed with lymphoma a year ago. Did the diagnosis come as a surprise, genetic and how did you deal with the first realization your life would change?

Sherri: The diagnosis was a total surprise. I did not handle the initial news well — lots of anger and fear. But God showed His mercy to me in so many ways during treatments. And I praise Him that my last scan was clear!

Lionhearted Kat: What did you learn through your journey?

Sherri: I don’t think I’ve realized all the lessons yet. I’m still processing all that happened and asking God to guide me through it. I do know that God is closer to me now than before the ordeal.

Lionhearted Kat: If you were sitting across from a lymphoma patient filled with fear of dying and you only had a few minutes to talk, what would you share with them?

Sherri: It’s OK to be afraid and even angry — let yourself be human. Even if you don’t feel that God is with you, He is. Know that His grace will see you through each day, one step at a time.

Lionhearted Kat: Is there a specific scripture that has helped you through tough times?

Sherri: My life verses: Proverbs 3:5, 6 (NIV):  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

And John 16:33 (NIV):  I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Lionhearted Kat: How can those reading your interview pray for you?

Sherri: Please pray for follow-up blood tests that are part of the post-treatment routine. I always get nervous when I go in to the doctor for those. I feel great and praise God for His touch in my life.

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Kat Crawford

Kat Crawford

Katherine J. Crawford, author of Capsules of Hope: Survival Guide for Caregivers, is published in sixteen compilations and numerous articles. Known as the Lionhearted Kat, she resides in Omaha, Nebraska. Visit Kat’s website her journal through breast cancer and the loss of her husband: www.caringgiver/visit/org.
Kat Crawford

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