Jan. 2018. Writer, What do YOU Need to Succeed?

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Often we go to meetings hoping to glean knowledge, to gain tangible help to propel us along. Sometime we find those insightful nuggets; sometimes we come up empty.

That’s why this 2018 kick-off meeting is all about you. What do you need to propel your writing forward?

This meeting is an open forum. We plan to invite the rest of 2018’s monthly speakers based on the needs presented at the January meeting.

Please bring a snack, beverage, and your input. This meeting is open to all.
After the meeting we’ll gather for our relaxed Afterglow chat session at Village Inn, 7837 Dodge St.

We meet the fourth Thursday of the month
6:00-7:45pm at the W. Clarke Swanson Library.

The meeting room is on the basement level. Park on the east side of the building and walk into the lower door.

Jeanie Jacobson

Jeanie Jacobson

Jeanie Jacobson is on the leadership team of Wordsowers Christian Writers Group. Her book, Fast Fixes for the Christian Packrat, is available on Amazon. She’s also published in “Focus on the Family”and “LIVE” magazines, many Chicken Soup for the Soul releases, and Bethany House compilations. Jeanie teaches workshops geared toward helping new writers, and is working on a Christian-slanted YA fantasy novel. Connect with her at jeaniejacobson.com
Jeanie Jacobson

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    1. Kat, we miss your enthusiasm, wisdom, and smiles. We’re looking forward to your trip to join us at the 2018 Wordsowers Conference this April!

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