July 7, 2011

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Borders at 72nd & Dodge Street welcomed us once again…although I have to admit I missed the free mini-coffees we’d been treated to during our first two meetings. I guess we are “regulars” now ;~))

While we managed to cover Chapters 17 (Sports – – Special thanks to Lee for his experienced perspective) and 18 (Writing About the Arts) our discussion morphed into a mini-course on writing for the web and maintaining websites.

Jill Hart (http://www.cwahm.com/) and Lee Warren (http://www.omahabaseball360.com/) shared on: How to get advertisers for your website, using Alexa.com, pay per click (about 1-cent),
clicks per day, clicks per action, how to drive traffic to your website/blog, and reminded us web writing needs to be skimmable with:

  • bullet points
  • small paragraphs
  • and color :*)

As we’ve all heard, attention spans grow shorter and shorter, demonstrated by a term new to some of us: T.L.D.R. (Too Long Didn’t Read!) – a surprising response to a personal email 🙁

Publishing Notes:
– Watch for Jill’s article in the November issue of Focus on the Family: In-Laws at Thanksgiving.
– Patch.com is coming to Nebraska and Iowa (hyper-localized web news site)

Welcome to New Attendee tonight, Daniel Ziegler, brother of Katie Ziegler, who has recently joined our group. You can see some of Daniel’s work at http://www.fictionpress.com/ under author name: Inkaer Godt’s Hahmreik. (Hint: Just type Inkaer 🙂

Other Attendees: Katie Ziegler, Kat, Angela and myself.

Next Month: Chapters 19 (Humor) and 20 (The Sound of Your Voice). Hope to have a full table to share whatever’s happening (encouraging and/or challenging) in your writing life.


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