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Can I sell my book(s) at the conference?
  • Wordsowers book salesYou’re welcome to bring books to sell as long as they fit CBA guidelines. You’ll need to fill out the online form and send it by April 10, 2015
  • Authors are responsible for their own taxes
  • Wordsowers does NOT take a percentage of your sales.
  • A Reservation form MUST be submitted ahead of time. There is no charge to do this, we simply need to prepare our space and author/price tags.
  • Forms are available on the Wordsowers Conference website’s FAQ page, or CLICK HERE. Download the form and send to

I’m a published author, do I need to attend Lee Warren’s “On Ramp” session on Friday night?Lee Warren author editor

You’ll WANT to. Although “On Ramp” provides an excellent road-map for first-time conference attendees, this event benefits even experienced authors.

Lee covers a range of topics such as:

industry terms, CBA & ABA markets, understanding editorial needs, polished proposals and query letters, making the most of appointments, and using the market guide most effectively.

Plus, it’s included in your conference package, and it leads into the “Night Owls” segment.

What is Night Owls? 

Ever wish you could sit and chat with a publisher or editor over cookies and coffee? Here’s your chance!

First, each workshop presenter will share what they’re looking for.
Afterward you’ll have the opportunity to speak with them face to face.

Use those interactions to choose which sessions you’ll attend the next day. Think of it as a live movie preview…with chocolate chip cookies.

Knowing your schedule in advance promotes a great conference experience.

Can I still submit something for a paid critique?

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