Planning for Speaking Success by Jill Hart July 10, 2014

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Info about the July WordSowers Workshop:

July 10, 2014  Jill Hart—from Christian Work at Home Ministries: 

Planning for Speaking Success: 

Jill has designed this workshop from her experience in coaching several speakers around the US, South Africa and Finland, helping them build their ministries from the ground up—the same principles work worldwide. The speaker in Finland now has a strong speaking career, two books in the market and a third in the works. She gave up her leadership placement with Mary Kay to write and speak full time. Jill knows firsthand, if you are a writer, speaking in public helps sell your books. You won’t want to miss this night with Jill.

 Jill started CWAHM in 2000 and knows the ins and outs of how to find and keep and audience. She is a speaker, Writers Workshop Teacher and an author. Her latest book is Do Life Different.
In January 2006 Jill walked through Parables Christian Bookstore to the Wordsowers group meeting in a back corner. She looked scared. She says her knees were knocking, afraid she’d never be able to measure up, and yet knew she need to hone her writing skills.

Jill is comical. The Wordsowers writers don’t bite even those who have never written a short story. 

Once we knew Jill, we found her already a confident business woman. However, like others, Jill’s first meeting with Wordsowers scared her. Today Jill’s CWAHM continues, she’s a radio personality and she’s a published author. 

Jill’s latest book

Don’t miss Thursday July 10 Wordsowers meeting with Jill Hart at the bookworm at 89th and Pacific.
We begin at 6 p.m. and close before 8 with an Afterglow at the Starbucks in the same mall. 

Lionhearted Kat:  Share a little about your idea to begin a business at home and how you chose Christian Work at Home Ministries.
Jill: I knew that when I had kids I wanted to be at home with them full-time. Unfortunately we also needed a second income – there was no way that we could live on my husband’s then-military income alone. So, I decided that I would find a way to work from home and began researching all of the different options.
I ended up compiling my research on and it took on a life of it’s own. Now I get to work from home and I also am able to help others find ways to do the same.
Lionhearted Kat:  How did your upbringing or your years at Grace University influence you to attempt a home based business?

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