September 1st Wordsowers Meeting

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            Last night, our group met for our monthly gathering at the Garden Café (108th & Center). The discussion flowed along smoothly as we looked at chapters twenty and twenty-one in our current book, On Writing Well by William Zinsser. We had loads of fun talking about ways to keep our own personal voices in our writing and how to bring humor into your articles as well.

            Our facilitators this month were teenagers Daniel Segura and Jonathan Miller. Both are already digging into school work as the school season has begun and were happy to talk about something more fun than school. Like writing!
            Others in attendance that evening were: Kat Crawford, Angela Meyer, Teresa Tierney, Pat Mingarelli, and newcomer (no matter how many times I hit myself in the head I can’t remember her first name) Ms. Cleveland.
            Angela Meyer announced that her son will soon be coming to a critique meeting and is preparing to submit a devotional to Devo’zine. We’re excited to get to know him in future. Also, Angela showed her excitement at several recent submissions she had been working hard to get sent. We can’t wait to see if she’ll be published soon.
            Teresa Tierney has been doing some submitting as well, and no one can deny that they are excited for her.   
            Kat Crawford showed us many pictures Pat Mingarelli recently took of her. We all saw that Kat is a remarkable model and Pat is an exceptional photographer.
            Ms. Cleveland became a great addition to our group within minutes of her arrival. We all hope to see her again at our next meeting.  
Our next meeting will be on October 6th at the Garden Café. Unless otherwise announced.    

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