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What’s happening at the
WordSowers Christian Writers Conference
March 1, 2014
Key Note Sperakers:  Phil & Pam Morgan, incredible music, amazing testimony, a celebration of God’s miracle working power!
SPECIAL NOTE:     Free concert with the Morgans on Friday
                                                                   February 28, 2014 7 p.m.
FOLLOWED BY: Free “On Ramp” presentations for writers
by freelance author and editor, Lee Warren
Saturday, March 1, 2014
Phil & Pam Morgan Keynote address
Workshops by:
Phil and Pam Morgan
Phil Morgan The Art and Craft of Songwriting:God puts a song in all our hearts, but have you tried to write yours down? Once the inspiration comes, there are skills and techniques that will make your song communicate with your audience, whether thousands or just one. Veteran song crafter Phil Morgan shares lessons learned over 40 years of composing.
Pam Morgan: Speaking that Sells: All authors will speak sometimes to sell their books. Author, recording artist, and public speaker Pam Morgan shares helpful tips to drive audiences to your book table. Pam will give authors a great opportunity to think about and discuss how to market your book and venues available to help you.
Tamara Clymer  from CrossRiver Media:  A publisher’s perspective: What you need before making your pitch. With the publishing world changing rapidly authors are asked to be involved more in the promotion and sales of their books. Tamara’s workshop is a how-to on building your platform, why social media is important before you submit your proposal and a how-to give yourself a head start—a help from being rejected.
Jill Hart—Founder of Christian Work at Home Ministries: Blogging: Creating content that will build your readership. Jill’s workshop is about blogging, creating and finding content, repurposing content and getting others to blog for you. She will share information about running contests and finding readers. Jill started CWAHM in 2000 and knows the ins and outs of how to find and keep and audience.
Gabriele Udele from Beacon Hill Press: Niche Publishing—The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Finding the topic that will get you published. The workshop is a how to on targeting your writing towards a specific, focused audience and insights about topics that work well for publication. Case studies about published books will be examined so that you will learn from real-life examples about what works and doesn’t work in niche publishing.
Lee Warren, Fulltime Freelance Author and Editor—“Editing with a Professional: Lee Warren will walk you through the editing process using three submissions from conferees. Learn the do’s and don’ts of how to start an article or paragraph, how to write smoother transitions, and how to embrace the power of showing, rather than telling. This workshop will give you tangible principles you can incorporate into your own writing right away. Some consider this type of hands-on training to be one of the most valuable portions of a conference.
Plus Skype Interviews with
Editors looking for new authors:
Troy Griepentrog Editor of Focus on the Family-Thriving Family Magazine
Sherri Langton, Associate Editor with Bible Advocate Magazine and Now What?
Duane Brush, Editor with Standard, Nazarene Publishing House
Freelance Photographer—Hannah Segura $20
 Book Store available and authors ready to autograph
Lunch is  $7.00 (see registrationform.)

Skits, Door Prizes and networking with other authors. 


  1. You have done an amazing job of gathering excellent speakers–many of which I have heard of–for your conference! I so wish I could attend! As caretaker for my mother, I'm needed at home. But I am praying for all your work to turn out as amazing as the work you've done to bring it together!

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