Step by Step Guide to Creating a Newlsetter Part 3: Sign Up Forms

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With the new changes on our blog, I’m a bit delayed getting the final part of this series out to you. But here it is.

Now that you have designed your newsletter and linked your freebie, you’re ready to send it out into the world.

Design the Mail Chimp sign up forms.

Slide #1
From the dashboard, click on the Lists button (#1).
When this screen comes up, click on the “Signup Forms” button (#2)

Slide #2
When this screen opens,
click on the General Forms button.

Slide #3
This screen is where you will design the look of your sign up form.
From the drop down menu (#1) you can choose which form to design: sign up,  confirmation, unsubscribe, etc. The bottom half of the page has all the design elements you need. Under build it, you will choose which fields you want. Under design it, you will choose the colors and overall look. If you need more explanation after exploring this portion, go HERE.

Once it is designed and you’re ready to share the sign up form, the box labeled #2 has the link you can share to take people to your form.

~ ~ ~

If you want to embed the form onto your website, go back to the screen shown in slide #2 and click on Embedded Forms.

Slide #4
This screen will come up. In the #1 line, type in the title of the form as you want it to show up. Then copy and paste the code from box #2 to the location you want your sign up form.
If you want to integrate a sign up form into your Facebook page. Go HERE.
~ ~ ~
slide 5
Send it. Go back to the campaign tab and choose your campaign (slide 5).
From the design screen below (slide 6) if you have done all the steps, choose the confirm button at the bottom of the screen. From here you can preview the newsletter as well as send a test email to verify the newsletter comes through looking just the way you want it. Test all the links.You are only allowed a few test emails, so be sure you are ready with all your content and buttons. For tips on sending out your test email, go HERE.
slide 6

With the free service, you will have to check back for new subscribers to send out the welcome edition to them. If you have a paid service you can use an auto-respond and not worry about it.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comments below. Or visit the wonderful tutorials that Mail Chimp provides.

Give yourself a pat on the back. You now have a newsletter and can start building your email list.

Angela D. Meyer

Angela D. Meyer

Angela D. Meyer lives in NE with her husband and two children whom they homeschool - recently graduating their son. She has taught Bible class for over 35 years and is on the leadership team of her local Christian writers group. She loves God, her family, the ocean, good stories, connecting with friends, taking pictures, quiet evenings and a good laugh. Someday she wants to ride in a hot air balloon and vacation by the sea.
Angela D. Meyer

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