Wordsowers Meeting

March 2017: Why Genre Matters

Lee Warren
Author/Editor Lee Warren shares, "Why Genre Matters." Readers have certain expectations when they buy books. Romance readers expect a HEA (happily ever after). Readers of women's fiction expect strong female protagonists. Memoir readers expect the author to be vulnerable, while devotional or how-to book readers expect insight. If you don't meet genre/reader expectations, your manuscript wil...
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Notes from the First Wordsowers Meeting

What an animated discussion at our first WordSowers meeting at the 72nd and Dodge Borders location, May 5, 2011. Didn’t think about it until later, but Kat, Angela, Jon and Teresa (KAJT), started their new leadership team roles on the National Day of Prayer—a great beginning for a new season in life with Wordsowers. Attended by: Lee Warren; Merrie Hanson; Elizabeth Meyer (Angela’s daughter who ...
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