The Trouble With Words

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Those who guard their lips preserve their lives, but those who speak rashly will come to ruin. Proverbs 13:3 (NIV)

Being a writer, I naturally love words. One of my favorites is the word “waffle.” I love the way it sounds when it rolls past my lips.
The trouble with the word “waffle” it has two different meanings. In one instance, it refers to a yummy breakfast treat smothered in syrup, fruit or whipped cream (this is, in fact, my favorite meaning of the word!) Sometimes it’s a verb meaning you are struggling between two choices.
Rarely will you confuse the two unless you happen to be at an IHop, waffling between ordering waffles or pancakes for breakfast.
Sometimes words are spelled differently, but sound the same. Take there and their, they’re not the same word but it’s common to see them used interchangeably.
As writers, we must be diligent to choose the word that best conveys our meaning.
As Christians, we must do the same. It’s important to choose our words carefully when we share our faith, using words that reflect, first and foremost, God’s love and infinite mercy.
Prayer: Lord, as an author, help me to honor you with the words I write. As your disciple,
 let the words I speak be pleasing to you. In all I say, and in all do today,
may I reflect your grace and mercy.

Kim lives outside of Omaha, NE. She used to live with a houseful of creatures, but the teenagers grew up and the bird died (her husband, two dogs and the legless lizard still keep her company.) You can sample her writing on her monthly humor column at or visit her website

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