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The Sword of the Lord
The Sword of the Lord
“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world,”
Ephesians 6:12a
I fight a battle at least once every weekday in an air-conditioned college classroom.
“Historical Jesus was a do-gooder with no concrete theology,” lectures my history professor. “His disciples made up the rest about heaven, hell, and the Trinity.”
The first shot is fired, and I am prepared.
I stand on one side of the ring dressed in the full armor of God, ready to unsheathe the Sword of the Spirit with one swipe of my iPhone’s touchscreen. 
Using the Shield of Faith, I deflect the fiery arrow and direct my stare at the elderly man completely unaware of the war being waged.
I am hindered by my sword’s apparent dead battery. I recollect my emergency short-sword of memory verses and begin plotting my plan of attack.   
“Has he even read the book of John? Let’s see him parry this!” I raise my hand.
“Who said that?” I wonder and then recognize His soft voice. “Aren’t I doing the work of the Lord?”
Who are you fighting?
By interrupting class and surprise attacking your teacher?
My professor calls on me, “Yes, Daniel?”
I lower my hand. “Sorry…never mind.”
Stand firm, son, but watch how you use that sword. 
Prayer: Lord, thank You for guiding me back whenever I stray. Help me discern when it is time to wait and listen. Wherever You lead, I will follow.
Devotional by Daniel Segura
Bio: Daniel Segura is a freshman in college who has a passion for Jesus, music, and writing. A new member of Wordsowers, he has broadened his writing this past year and has even combined all his passions by writing songs about Jesus.

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