Conference Bookstore


 WCWC (Wordsowers Christian Writers Conference)


Wordsowers provides a bookstore for conference attendees. Only conference attendees may sell their books at the bookstore. Space is limited. Bring your books on Friday night for optimal table placement.

All books must meet CBA standards.Stack Of Books

Wordsowers is not responsible for the content of the books on the sale table. As we are not able to read/review each book, a position at the WCWC book table does not equal endorsement.

Authors are responsible for collecting and paying their own sales tax.


To sell books at the Wordsowers Conference:

Download the Bookstore Sales Tags

  • Fill out the tags, one for each book you plan to sell.
  • Round prices to the nearest dollar.
  • Place one completed sales tag in each book for sale.

At the end of the conference, please retrieve your money from the designated Wordsowers leadership team member, and take home any unsold books.

If you have questions about the bookstore, please contact Jeanie Jacobson at