Conference Critique Submission

Conference Critique Submissions

Do you have a piece you’d like to submit for critique by one of our conference speakers, editors, or publishers? Submissions may be critiqued by:

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  • Troy Griepentrog, Focus on the Family Senior, associate editor
  • Susan King, The Upper Room, associate editor
  • Sally Apokedak, literary agent
  • Paul Smith, AG Publishing, managing editor
  • Lee Warren, author/editor
  • Rose Zediker, author
  • Sherri Langton, The Bible Advocate, associate editor
  • Phil Morgan, musician/songwriter
  • Sally Jadlow, author/poet
  • Deb Butterfield, CrossRiver Media, acquisitions editor
  • Cheryl St. John, author

Tips for receiving critique:

  • Put on the hide of a rhinoceros.
  • When receiving critique don’t jump in to explain why you wrote it. Ask questions at the end of the critique.
  • No need to apologize for what you have written.
  • Listen with both ears. (Do not to interrupt.)
  • Take what you need, leave the rest.

Submissions may be up to 2500 words. We put together a simple Critique Submission Template as a guideline for formatting your submission.

Conference Critique Submissions cost $25.