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2016 Conference

Words of Life

The theme of this year’s conference is from John 6:68 – Simon Peter answered him…”You have the words of eternal life.”

The conference will be held April 29th & 30th at LifeSpring Church located in Bellevue, NE.

Keynote Speaker Troy Griepentrog

Troy Gripentrog, Senior Associate Editor of “Thriving Family” magazine. Troy will present Secrets From the Editors of “Thriving Family Magazine” and FocusOnTheFamily.com. Discover what editors look for when evaluating pitches and new writers. Each publication has a unique style and tone, but a call for submissions doesn’t always convey all the nuances of what editors consider when they read your submission.

Workshop Themes and Descriptions

Susan King: Turning Personal Experience into a Devotional Message (beginning through advanced writers) —A workshop focused on the three essential elements in an effective devotional. Included will be information about the devotional market in general as well as specialized writing for The Upper Room, the world’s largest daily devotional guide.

Susan King: Style: The Key to Excellence in Writing —Do you want to write with such sparkle and verve that you’ll knock the socks off editors?  Do you want them to be falling all over themselves to publish your submission and clamor for your future submissions? A crash course in excellent writing for any genre.

Sherri Shackelford: The Ten Commandments of Humor —In fiction writing, the author is tasked with invoking emotion. Joy is an emotion. Laughter brings your characters together and gives them a common bond. For non-fiction writers, studies have shown that humor enhances how well people enjoy what they’re reading and help them recall what they’ve read.

Sally Jadlow: Craft Poetry to Write Powerful Prose —Come join the fun in Sally Jadlow’s poetry writing class. Even if you’ve never written poetry before, you’ll discover how constructing poetry strengthens your writing in all genres. And the best part is, poetry doesn’t have to rhyme! Sally’s book Sonflower Seeds won the Best Book of Poetry award.

Rose Zediker: Writing on Assignment for Christian Children’s Market —Children’s stories run through your head, but where do you submit them. Learn the basics of how to find work-for-hire markets in the Christian children’s genre and how to put together an audition package for your target market.

RJ Thesman: Fueling Your Nonfiction with Creativity —This workshop will help you as a writer to learn the art of using some fiction techniques to produce nonfiction articles and/or books that sell. Learn some of the best practices for writing nonfiction and move toward publication.

Phil Morgan: Song Painting —Learn to make your lyrics (and all your writing) come alive by painting on the canvas of your reader/listener’s mind.  Craft your writing with brush strokes that capture emotion using all the senses, detail, generalities, specific and shared experience.  Plenty of examples, exercises, Q&A.

Pam Morgan: Speak Up!  You Have a Great Book! —Your book is finished (or almost), and now you’re faced with speaking and find yourself scared. Join published author, public speaker and recording artist Pam Morgan as she shares her secrets for plugging your passion into a powerful presentation.

Lee Warren: Using Sales Funnels to Find New Readers —Marketers have been using sales funnels to find new customers for decades. Sales funnels involve a four-step process: awareness, familiarity, consideration and purchase. In this workshop, we’ll apply this to your career as an author and discuss sales funnel tactics that will allow you to find new readers.

Jill Hart: Writing as a Business – Creating a Plan for Success—Don’t overlook the business of writing until it comes time to record your income and pay taxes. Get ahead of the game with this workshop. Learn some basics about treating your writing as a business that will help you move forward with confidence.

Jennifer Slattery: Characterization: Going Deeper to Grab Your Reader —Some characters entertain us, others grab hold of us and don’t let go. A well-crafted character grabs the reader at their deepest heart-level, causing them to see themselves in the character’s struggles and victories. Take your reader from enjoying the story to living it.

Holly Michael: Called to Write? —Find the balance between Writing for Ministry and Making Your Writing a Career: Discerning the call and pathway to which God has called you. After you define your writing path, how do you set goals and then follow through without getting discouraged along the way.

Mary Connealy: Basics on Setting the Scene —Use the five senses, understand point of view, back story dump, dialogue, action. For fiction writers…if you don’t know these things…you should. If you know them, call it a refresher course.

Erica Vetsch: Plotting Your Story Using a Plot Board —Writing a novel is an enormous undertaking with complexities. Using a plot board can simplify and distill your story, allowing you to see the big picture without being overwhelmed. We’ll explore story structure, balancing point-of-view scenes and how to get the story from the plot board to the page.

Duane Brush: The Story Arc —A workshop that describes the five elements of the story arc and how understanding them can help writers construct meaningful stories with real impact. Through hands on experience authors will learn how to apply the story arc to their own work with satisfying results. Opportunity will be given for questions and interaction.

Debra L. Butterfield: Making Scrivener Work for You—A workshop for the beginning and intermediate Scrivener user. Attendees will learn the basics of importing files and creating documents as well as how to personalize the Binder and labels, use the Inspector, take snapshots to preserve their work, and more.

Cheryl St. John: Getting the Words Right: Active vs Passive with Q and A —Passive writing sucks energy from the page, distances the reader and holds him at arm’s length. Active writing places our readers in the story and purposefully lures them into experiencing the emotions and events right along with the characters.

Brooke Williams: The Art of a Facebook Party and Other Online Promotion —Learn how to entertain potential readers in an online party. This class includes tips on the art of throwing, hosting, or attending Facebook parties as an author. Enjoy brainstorming with a group of new or veteran authors to figure out the world of online promotions.

Angela Meyer: Building Your Email List: Why do I need it and Where do I Begin —Statistics show people on your email list are more likely to buy your book than those who only follow you on social media. And you own your list. Discuss newsletters, design, and incentives for sign ups. Leave with a list building strategy to get started.


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