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 Join us for the next several posts as we tour some of the Christian writer’s conferences available.

We’ll take a peek at the Writing for the Soul Conference, the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference, the  HACWN conference, American Christian Fiction Writers conference, the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers conference and our very own upcoming conference as well. 
Let’s start the ball rolling with the conference HACWN puts together in the Kansas City area.  It offers opportunities to meet with editors and agents to pitch your work, mingle and connect with other writers and attend classes to grow in your craft.
This year’s conference will be November 8-12. Get a copy of the conference brochure here. 
Brush off some of your writing and enter one of their several contests: short story, poetry, article, devotional, children’s story and book. Check the brochure for details.
Several of our members have attended over the years. As a matter of fact, it was at this conference last year that I found my publisher. Who knows what God has in store for you?
If you are interested in going, be sure and register early to get the early bird special. Tell them you heard about the HACWN conference through the Wordsower group in Omaha.
Along with the conference, membership in HACWN is a great investment. Check out the benefits here.   
Still not sure? I asked author Kat Crawford to share what she thought about the conference.
“In November 2005 I asked Mark Littleton (leader at HACWN) if he would drive to Omaha and teach us how to form a critique group.”
He answered, “Kat, you know how. Go home and do it.”
I didn’t feel as confident about it as Mark.
In January 2006 at the monthly WordSowers meeting, Jill Hart—new to our group said, “I need a critique group.”
I piped up, “Okay, we’ll meet at my house….” It seemed Mark and the Lord were saying, “Kat, you can do this.” The critique group still meets in my home once a month.
HACWN is a great place to network with published authors.  Ask questions. What did they write in the beginning? When first published, how did they make connections with their particular editor.
I learned early that I couldn’t attend every workshop. Information overload didn’t help me when I returned home. Sometimes I hid in a darkened room for a fifteen minute break.
Every conference I attend I seek out those who seem to stand alone, look like they have a problem or need encouragement. I’ve taken time to pray with them right on the spot. One year I stood next to a woman in extreme pain and discouragement. I felt God sent me to the conference not only because of my meeting with editors and publishers, but to encourage that one woman.
HACWN has some of the best publishers and editors from around the US. They care about writers. They want to help those who sign up for their ten-minute interviews. Why not? They’re always looking for the new and/or dedicated author. Some new idea or super novel. Don’t be afraid of them, they’re people too. And remember they need encouragement like the rest of us.
Have you made plans to attend a conference? Is so, which one? Is there a conference you would like to see in our conference tour?

Bio: Angela D. Meyer
lives in Omaha, NE with her husband and 2 kids.She is working to build her
platform and gladly shares what she is learning.  She is awaiting the release of her debut novel Bruised Reed, Check out her website: www.angeladmeyer.com

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