4 Ways to Find Encouragement

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Writing can be an isolating task. In order to focus, we squirrel away in some out of the way place or corner in the house and attempt to defy the distractions.

To some degree we succeed or nothing ever would have been written. But a by-product to this isolation is often discouragement. Those around us may not understand the dance of characters in our head or the struggle to find just the right word.

Most people who don’t write don’t get that we HAVE to write. And as Christians it is our God given assignment and mission to pen the words He has placed on our hearts.

So how do we maintain equilibrium in the midst of such imbalance? How Do we keep our mind on the goal when frustrations set it?

Read good things. There are many good encouragement books and websites out there. I highly recommend Marlene Bagnull’s book,  Write His Answer, a bible study for writers. 

Hang around other writers who are writing and submitting. This holds you accountable and gives you hope that you can do it, too. 

Take a break. Enjoy life with those you love. Relationship triumphs words.

Improve your craft. Take a class. Read lots of books – about writing in general as well as fiction. Participate in a critique group. Write. Submit your work on a regular basis.

What ways have you found to  be encouraged? Do you have an idea not listed? Or a favorite website or book?

Angela D. Meyer

Angela D. Meyer

Angela D. Meyer lives in NE with her husband and two children whom they homeschool - recently graduating their son. She has taught Bible class for over 35 years and is on the leadership team of her local Christian writers group. She loves God, her family, the ocean, good stories, connecting with friends, taking pictures, quiet evenings and a good laugh. Someday she wants to ride in a hot air balloon and vacation by the sea.
Angela D. Meyer

2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Find Encouragement

  1. Walking…I love to walk not only to strengthen my body to clear the cobwebs out of my head. It refreshes my soul. I talk to the Lord. And, I write! I carry a notepad and pen because ideas pop in as the cobwebs clear out.

  2. When I lived close to the ocean, I would go and just sit and watch the waves crashing against the rocks! No waves here. I should follow your example Merrie and do more walking.

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