6 Tips to a Better Profile Presence

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photo credit: Free Digital Photos // Stuart Miles
photo credit: Free Digital Photos // Stuart Miles

You’ve gotten started on social media. Facbook, Twitter, maybe another. Are your profiles working for you?

A profile is more than the image you see at the top of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and any other spot on the web. It’s the about section, the presentation, the images.
If used well, profiles can be a window display for your business. A part of your branding. How people know who you are and why in the world they should follow you.
Here are 6 tips to make your profile work better for you.
  1. Be consistent among all your profiles. You don’t want visitors to your profile to wonder if they have reached the right spot. Use the same author picture (or at least from the same photo session), same colors, same feel.
  2. Use a professional quality author photo. It looks vastly different online from just a snapshot or selfie. If you want to be taken seriously (even if your act is comedy), then present a professional image.
  3. Use quality images for any graphics in your profile header. Make sure you own them or you have the appropriate permission to use them. Sometimes you have to pay and sometimes a simple attribution works. But, DO NOT just grab them from the web. Being on the web does not make them public domain.
  4. Fill out your profile completely. This is often the place where people connect with you. Because your message resonates with them. Because you went to the same school. Because you both love pets. Lots of reasons to connect and this is where you provide those reasons if they don’t already know you from somewhere else.
  5. ALWAYS have links to other places online they can find you. They may stumble across you in one social media, but prefer a different one. Don’t make them work to find you there. Make it so easy they can’t do anything but follow you.
  6. Be active on your profiles. This does not mean you have to tweet 30 times a day or post on FB a zillion times in a week. But when people stop by there should be life. No one wants to hang out where no one else is. How much is the right amount? Whatever you can keep up with. If you can only post once a month or once a day, do it faithfully.
Suggested Resource: Check out Canva to create great headers and covers for your profiles.
Have you found a creative way to use your profile?
Angela D. Meyer

Angela D. Meyer

Angela D. Meyer lives in NE with her husband and two children whom they homeschool - recently graduating their son. She has taught Bible class for over 35 years and is on the leadership team of her local Christian writers group. She loves God, her family, the ocean, good stories, connecting with friends, taking pictures, quiet evenings and a good laugh. Someday she wants to ride in a hot air balloon and vacation by the sea.
Angela D. Meyer

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