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Give more than you take from your readers.
Before you flag down people cruising the internet highway and redirect them to your website, Facebook page or some other social media, make sure you do have something to give your readers once they get there. And make sure it is worth their time.
In his new book Platform, Get Noticed in a Noisy World,Michael Hyatt emphasizes the importance of the wow factor.
You get one chance to make a first impression. You want to make that impression memorable. You want them to go out and tell all their friends to come.
Have you taken the time to develop the product (whether it’s a book, blog or something else) you are offering or are you settling for “good enough”?
It’s better and less costly in the long run to make it the best now rather than to go back and try and recapture those people who passed by and said it wasn’t valuable enough for them to stay. At the same time, don’t use this as an excuse to not start.
My lesson this week:
My main product is my book, but on my website, Facebook, and other social media I need more to offer  than my book to attract an audience(especially since this is a debut novel). 
While at times I may feel anxious about building my platform, I can’t rush to a place I’m not ready to be. I’ll be making some noise to wave down more traffic soon enough.
I highly recommend Michael Hyatt’s book. He has the proof that he knows what he’s doing. His audience is huge and it’s loyal. Me? I can only share what I am learning and point you to those who have gone before me.
Angela D. Meyer

Angela D. Meyer

Angela D. Meyer lives in NE with her husband and two children whom they homeschool - recently graduating their son. She has taught Bible class for over 35 years and is on the leadership team of her local Christian writers group. She loves God, her family, the ocean, good stories, connecting with friends, taking pictures, quiet evenings and a good laugh. Someday she wants to ride in a hot air balloon and vacation by the sea.
Angela D. Meyer

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