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“I am the Lord your God,
Who teaches you what is best for you,
Who directs you in the way you should go.”
Psalm 48:17b (NIV)
It’s good to study successful authors. James A. Michener sold forty books. In reading “In Search for Centennial,” Michener wrote, “I am not interested in writing anything which does not concern me immediately and deeply, and if I do write I want to do so in a way that summarizes all the knowledge I have at that moment…I write in order to educate myself, to organize my thoughts, to discover the depth of my own convictions—” (pg 77)
I could have written the above. Those are my feelings and the sentiments of many of my author friends.
The only difference between Michener and those in my circle of authors is what is foremost in our minds. Michener traveled the world and wrote history—great history. Books we can gain knowledge from. The writers I know up close and personal are concerned deeply about keeping God focused and hope in some small way to change hearts and minds for Him .
Prayer: Father we thank you for the opportunity to write for you. Direct our paths today. Amen


Kat Crawford

Kat Crawford

Katherine J. Crawford, author of Capsules of Hope: Survival Guide for Caregivers, is published in sixteen compilations and numerous articles. Known as the Lionhearted Kat, she resides in Omaha, Nebraska. Visit Kat’s website lionheartedkat.com.Read her journal through breast cancer and the loss of her husband: www.caringgiver/visit/org.
Kat Crawford

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